Unmatched User Experience

We set out to build a solution unlike any other when it came to usability. It has been built to be as familiar as devices we use every day, our smart-phones for example. With touch capabilities, all of the critical information is never more than one or two touches away.

Like your smart-phone, you can tailor your home screen to be relevant to you, with a powerful dashboard that gives you actionable data as soon as you log in. Our powerful flexible infrastructure means that you can dynamically adjust hierarchies, totals, measures to give you what you need.

Personalized Dashboard
Drag & Drop - Touch Enabled
Dynamic Structure Flexibility


Powerful Smart Forecasting

Our technically advanced solution has the Forecasting engine embedded across all of our Modules, because history alone can no longer provide adequate or even minimal insight on planning future periods.

Whether it's future sales, Item forecast, selling patterns or any scenario where data is being analyzed, our Smart Forecasting makes it simple to compare different scenarios, delivering one of the most powerful tools to improve sales and margins.

Smart forecasting calculations built into plans
Pricing curve & MD optimization
Powerful insights like lost sales calculations

Automation Made Easy

We have automated all non decision making processes, using AI, so that teams can focus on making decisions that are crucial to the organizations success.

Historically, one of the biggest pain points of other planning solutions are the tedious tasks involved in being able to complete plans - we let the system do all of the heavy lifting, enabling retailers to maximize their Return On Investment.

Full Automation
Quick-search technology


Complete Omnichannel Capabilities

It's critical to understand how all channels impact each other. Our solution provides full visibility of all measaures across channels and also identifies inter-channel dependencies, and their impact on the retailers global view.

Deliver a single view of your brand across channels
Create a seamless, unified shopping experience
Global capabilities




Planning like you've never seen it before. Powerful, dynamic and flexible to plan to any level across any channel. Drag and drop capabilities enable dynamic adjustment.



Effective Assortment Plans drive Sales and Margins. Our automatically generated Assortment Plans can be built to suit any retailers specific needs.


Item Planning

With automation and flexible product consolidations using attributes and dynamic totals. Item planing has never been this easy!



Our integrated Allocation module provides you with better insight to allow you to fully understand what your customer wants, and where your products should be sent.


Smart Forecasting

Our fully-embedded Smart Forecasting engine provides retailers with a true forecasting capability, and enables them to increase sales, margin and profitability.



Our Dashboards and reporting helps planners transform data into actionable insights. Explore with informative visual analytics. Build personal dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks.

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